Lemurian Contract Awakening | 144 by SETH DENNON

“Millenniums ago, a group of souls gathered together in a multidimensional space in what is now referred to as Lemuria and made a contract for their personal awakening as incarnate beings, for their service to the Earth, and for the awakening of planet Earth.  This contract was to be kept dormant within each one until the Earth and humanity were ready for it to awaken.  It has slept since then but now the time has come for the contract to awaken and 144 of the keepers of the contract to step forward into their light, their wholeness, and their commitment to being of service to the planet and all who dwell upon her” ~Karen LaRue Moye

I am on of the 144 this is me coming back from the 11th dimensional meeting place back to 4D Plane.

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