“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way.” ~ Dr Suess.

HYMNINHEALIN is a fractal based artwork based on my intense desire for healing of planet earth and her inhabitants.  After recent events I have become aware of higher dimensional being taking a more active role in the lower dimensional frequencies by witch they are eternally connected.  With every picture I take, every fractal I generate I keep getting reminders of how we are all one united and we will prevail in healing our differences, pains and damages.  What has been out of balance will right itself into balance, into perfection that is gods mind which we reside.  Please enjoy my vision of all that have come at this time now to our planet now, to aid us all now in bringing balance back into our existance.  Let it be, Let it be, Let it Be.

Loving Our Light in Everyway,



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