np oe st 24512 844 947 12

Unity Pattern Rooted from new Love Patterns Frequencies

This visualizes and accurately translates our new foundation solidified and operating at base resonance from which our shift in patterning will be based of of this baseline foundation which has taken the last 4 years to accurately translate anchor as our new foundation and affirm that the pattern was accurately installed as the highest possible reflection of the source created an eternity of existence and increasingly complex dimensions.  One aspect that will be immediately easy to perceive is by simply tilting your head from side to side and watch as seeming complete different perception are all now easily accessed and perceived, and so little effort is required to see these multiple truths creating a unified but so easily experienced just as simple as it is to tilt your head from side to side.  In-JOY!


Many Thanks to Darren Walker for all of your timely contributions of knowledge. 

<BIG  SMILE> Thank you will all the gratitude I am your reflections of how you do. Love, Unity, One // The way is the way =)

Still Looking for the words, but looking up at the stars and seeing them align into this pattern matrix I am still becoming use to what I am seeing out in the physical universe and the power I hold within it. This WhitnyFocus is the best I have found yet to describe the motions the starts mad and then began transmitting through in out back and to me again.

Deep Space Season 1 Episode 1



NP OE ST 24512 844 947 12

There are 2,059 individual fram images total creating 3:51:00 of fractal animation.

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