Fractal Animations

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.”

~ Dr. Seuss

Starting with my first attempt in 1997 (see ‘Alien Evasion – Original”) to my most current I have created over 175 animation sequences.  I primarily use Apophysis 7x to generate my fractal like animation sequences.  I use Kaleider to make my work kaleidoscopic.  II use VirtualDub to do my final post processing and then to generate my video files.

Each animation is a piece of learning for me building upon the previous animation.  In the natural evolution of my skill and technique I am fully realizing my vision into tangible work.

I hope you experience as much Joy and Sense of Completion as I do creating this visual work!

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This is a playlist youtube player, notice the menu icon in the upper left corner, click here to access playlist controls.  This player has access to every animation I have ever created.



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Seth Dennon Visual Arts
"My work is more than a hobby for me. It is my passion, the way I capture and celebrate life's moments, emotions, spirit and the many facets of Reality itself!" ~SethMy inner perception of our reality from my view here in a very accurate Kaleidoscopic Fractal Animated Visuals to share my view and expand your mind that innately seeing reality from a unified energetic perception is a gift and a challenge. So for those who offer the blank stare of death, your choice to live in delusion is yours, I am just that person who now can say, this is how it is for me at least allow this idea to expand beyond a thought a pierce the lens keeping you in a state you simply aren't. And being what you aren't is allot of work. The way within is the way out!
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Published at 2017, June 24
I live with facial pareidolia, google it. This is why all I create has faces.

I love creating non traditional humanoid faces using any medium I can, beginning in 2017 I have devoted to creating kaleidoscopic humanoids within images based off of both fractal prints, random patterns generated using Tapet and reworks based on images of some of my favorite artist friends. Oh yes and sometimes the base image I process using Google's Deep Blue AI - Dream Deeply for added intensity and awesomeness.

This video presents the total of 183 unique 24" x 42" Digital Prints (I prefer prints on Glass) I created in the first 6 months of 2017. The Kaleidoscopic Humanoids collection so far are broken down into 13 series each with their own unique sense and flare.

The series are identified by a unique number associated with the unfolding point when my snarky galactic friends begged to be created in image. The series numbers are 1717. 11917, 13117, 2117, 3217, 3317, 31317, 32217, 32517, 4217, 42217, 52617, 61117.

Additional information on each individual series is available on InJoY!

Full resolution print downloads are available at for you to use.

Additional PS, Apophysis settings and source images available upon request.

Please view this video on your largest screen in fullscreen mode (up to full UHD 4k) whenever possible, since many times you will find a multitude of faces in each individual print from different head tilts or just shifting your gaze. I create my work for you to explore and then explore again and be amazed.

So floss your brain, expand your perceptions and have fun playing with me and my snarky Galactic friends I have unfolded for you to see.

Faces in Faces within Faces!


Seth Dennon (sethd8)


1717 thru 61117 KALEIDOSCOPIC HUMANOIDS PORTFOLIO by Seth Dennon (LINK: is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

w00t by Bob Ostertag (LINK: is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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This work by Seth Dennon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States unless otherwise marked.