UY TT IS NW AN 3 SEE 305121716

This sequence has 2,890 frames which create 2 minutes of lovely animation to view. I suggest putting into HD pressing the mute button and playing your own tune off of Then open your eyes, think grand thoughts and go on a spectacular voyage via my . In-Joy!


UY TT IS NW AN 3 SEE 305121716 Source Frames

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There are 2,890 individual frames running at 24 per second to create a 2 0 second kaleidoscopic sequences. are all of the individual frames viewable one by one at 1920pxx1080 HD in size. I the source frames because you can allays find that 1 or 2 unique individual frames that way out speak the whole. And the amount of beings backed into this is very high, Go treasure hunting.

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Apophysis 7X.15 –
KaleiderTM 4.8.1 –
1.9.11 –
VirtualDub Filter Pack 2011 –
H.264 Encoder –

Visual Work Concepts translated from Articles Posted on:


Many Thanks to Darren Walker for all of your timely contributions of .

<BIG SMILE>Thank you will all the gratitude I am your reflections of how you do.

Love, Unity, One // The way is the way ::…




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