You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

— Dr. Suess
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Poleson 'I AM' Reflector Exercise - 22/7/2012 | 987

Poleson ‘I AM’ Reflector Exercise – 22/7/2012 | 987

For Best Viewing Go Full Screen and Change Video Player Settings to 1080 HD Poleson ‘I AM’ Reflector Excercise 22/7/2012 | 987 We can often look into our experience of a particular artwork and can gain a sense of some of our inner workings by the reaction of what we are perceiving within the art....
1969 Reboot Into Earth

1969 Reboot Into Earth

 1969 Reboot Into Earth Translation of the following article and energizing of the 1969 ‘Summer of Love‘ energy created in Love, Unity and Freedom.  This moment we have allowed and chosen for our shift back into a state of fear, separation and lack.  Our new energy from which all creation in our unified reality springs...
Project Blue Beam

Project Blue Beam

After reading this article and researching Project Blue Beam a bit farther I found my self in a dazed and bewildered state of being, very odd for me indeed.  So I hugged a tree and created some art about how I reacting in my energetic fields to this material.  I guess the bottom line is...

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