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The 13117 Kaleidoscopic Humanoid Faces mii series was created on a Google Android Phone (ZTE Z987).

I used the following Android Apps available on Google Play:

  • Tapet Pro (to create a base pattern, literally billions of possibilities)
  • Kaleider Plus (to turn the base pattern into a kaleidoscopic http://sethdennon.com/explorer/work/” title=”View all articles about work here”>work)
  • Autodesk Pixlr (to do post http://sethdennon.com/explorer/processing/” title=”View all articles about processing here”>processing and photo manipulations)
  • PicsArt Photo Studio (to resize image, insert my signature logo and more photo manipulations)
  • CM QuickPic Gallery (to organize each the works processing workflow, share the final works)

I also used the following applications on a Microsoft Windows 10 Laptop.


Kaleidoscopic Fractal Artwork Funtime!

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1717 First Kaleidoscopes in 2017


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