3217 thru 31317
Kaleidoscopic Fractal Humanoid Faces Animated Presentation



Then I decided to draw from and on my own imagination, and everything came out perfect.  ~Jack Prelutsky

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I also used the following applications on a Microsoft Windows 10 –  HP Beats Laptop.

  • Apophysis 7x (to build and render a baseline fractal image)
  • Kaleider™ 5.1.2 (to turn the fractal image into a kaleidoscopic fractal image)
  • Adobe Photoshop CC (to do post image processing, perform photo manipulation, insert logos)
  • GeoSetter (encode IPTC-NAA/XMP tags: licenses, artist info, attribution details and geocoding data)

These detailed kaleidoscopic humanoid faces were created at 4000 x 2250 pixel @ 96 dpi.  These are roughly triple the size opposed to my Android Phone generated faces.  The fine detail of each images allows for even more faces, on faces on faces!  Click on the works and go full screen, the more you look the more you’ll find.  ExPLoRE, expanding your perceptions through my work.  Just when you believe you have found everything, I will guarantee you will find even more humanoid like faces, on faces, within and on faces.



31317 Kaleidoscopic Humanoids

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