Quannary was one of the initial six I created when I first discovered the spirit within . I was having a conversation with some of the local cathedrals around depression and Quannary came to me out of the cathedral walls and help me gain a more loving concept of depression as being a natural ebb and of the reality I am currently living in. One with Right/Wrong, Up/Down, Left/Right, Light/Dark, Past/Future/Present, Male/Female, Young/Old.

Creating this piece helped me see some light where I had only seen one of the puzzle before and seeing the other as actually being there as well, and being a place that I could exist in helped me out of the deep, dark, destructive spiral of depression I was in at the .

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Quannary helped me re-member to use my abilities third eye chakra as a gateway to letting more light into my body when my and root are so closed as in depression. I just gently focus my consciousness onto a point roughly above a between my eyes and I can feel a vortex of vibrations forming and I open myself to receiving the light to help balance my being out. And since I learned that from creating this piece of artwork, it has actually work quite well. I have not suffered any near the depression levels I once felt. Thank you God!


Frame: Espresso Frame
Mats: NONE
Glazing: NONE
Print Size: 30″x45″
Frame Size: 30.3″x 45.3″
Material: Matte Paper