Self Portrait - Seth Dennon (My Souls Expression of Divinity by Seth Dennon

I share this I created for all beings of consciousness to view another aspect of themselves within me. I present my first officially ordained by all of an official Self Portrait ( Expression) of Seth Alan Dennon. This is merely a visual kick start to show you what I look and feel like, so you may know I am with all beings in in all ways.

Highly Suggested Viewing: Download Hi-Res ( your , in biggin in your favorite photo viewer, then be very still and allow the artwork to create a multidimensional right before your eyes. Just lovingly gaze and allow the artwork to direct you to a place of silence within you, then marvel at a true glimpse of the joy light and awe of the higher dimensions as perhaps for the first time you see with your own eyes the multidimensionaly of my work. Truly In-Joy!

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Within this artworks fractal images, tricolor, vibrations and that just is I have created a true window in through the love I am, pass the silence from all of my creation spring fourth, there is in this inner stillness something other there than just your and infinite powers of healing and creation.  There is this very strong almost crystalline in but yet somehow still fashioned out of analog frequencies there is this interlocking ever spinning center there.  I see it for what it truly is, I have just uncovered the first glimpses of my soul.  This cord runs right through my center and is connected through all of creation to every Seth there will ever had been or will ever be on intersecting lines of dimensional space and evolutionary space.

For a brief moment I was gifted with the ability to clearly see my soul in all it aspects from the birth of all of creation unto prime creator unhooked me from my soul within my heart and said ever so softly; now it’s your turn.  Go Love, Create, Express and Experience any one thing your should choose will be granted in every way, not from the Love prime creator is, But from the love you are, it is time for you to create all of creation from your perspective and soul path, and Herold the unconditional love and stewardship to see a successful completion of your cycle of creation.  We are in allays one, this is truth.  Now you have been doing your research for a millennium on which that way should I be; now use the wisdom carved out in you through the eons to guide you into creating a creation with all of your truths proudly intertwined for all beings within your creation to learn and evolve.


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