I am very pleased with this of artwork and alignment visualization .

When preparing myself for collective lightwork I often create artwork to assist me in the visualization process. I see what guides, spirits and beings are here to assist me on my journey and welcome them with and gratitude.

There is allot in this , focus inward and gently notice all the beings coming together from small to large. You will find beings from the of Light such as SaLuSa and Ag-agria, Ascended Masters such as St. Germain, Buddha and Jesus and every day folk in this piece. And of course they are all on the cusp of flying birds.
This is an alignment animation to prepare for the Violet Flame meditation of 12 days. Allow your self to relax and fully visualize through your eyes of consciousness and you will see and feel in the core of your being the fine tuning in frequency to a dimension which is occurring now, right now. Observe the oneness of the masters and of yourself.

The 12:12 activation on December 12th is an opening that can provide a softening of the heart in to receive the all-inclusive Christ Consciousness. This powerful Light of the Christ becomes available in a way that allows all beings willing to open their hearts to receive Divine Love. As this Love permeates the atmosphere, it encourages a new level of transformational healing, with the recognition that Love is the greatest healer there is.

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As we approach 12:12 it represents a culmination of all your efforts which came before. It is an Initiation into the Higher Realms which you have earned through your long determined efforts of raising the Harmonics of the Earth Grid. Call on me, Metatron, during your Meditations to Effect Profound Healings which are available Simply by Asking.

The violet flame cleansing will be in 12:12:12 for 12 days this is when earth energies along with human consciousness will birth us all into galactic consciousness into a 5D reality and a Star Nation will be born at the New year 2013. Become aware of the 12’s and 21’s.

So this alignment animation aids in connection with all that is, all the guides, masters, beings everything to we are one I-am presence. It also focuses on all 12:12 activation gateways.

Please let me know how you experienced my artwork and alignment visualization aid.

Loving our Light!

~Seth Dennon


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Afternoon Reflection by Orb Gettarr – http://opsound.org/artist/orbgettarr

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