I have no words or many of the functions even exist in this reality to fully express or translate what existence is past the gateway within this band of creation.  My visual when viewed from within the silence and stillness of the heart will pulsate the glimpse when asked for.  Go ahead and ask.

9D from a Source Frames

There are 2,612 frames running at 24 per second to create a 1 minute 48 second kaleidoscopic fractal animation sequences. are all of the frames viewable one by one at 1920 x 1080. I post the source frames because you can always find that 1 or 2 unique frames that way out speak the whole. The amount of translated for our 3D Earth we walk now, Go treasure hunting.

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Apophysis 7X.15 – http://apophysis.xyrus-worx.org/

Gaia Brand L468x60 v1

KaleiderTM 4.8.1 – http://www.whizical.com/index.htm/

VirtualDub 1.9.11 – http://www.virtualdub.org/

VirtualDub Filter Pack 2011 – http://codecpack.co/download/VirtualDub-Filter-Pack.html

H.264 Encoder – http://h264encoder.com/

My Public Download Site of Selected Visuals in HD MP4 Format

Seth Dennon’s DropBox – http://sethto.us/dload


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