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Poleson ‘I ’ Reflector Excercise

22/7/2012 | 987

We can often look into our experience of a particular artwork and can gain a sense of some of our inner workings by the reaction of what we are perceiving within the art.

This like all of my animation work requires your unique input as to the output.  When you view this work what do you see, or should I say what are your eye glasses tinted?  Gaining this perspective is why I create this work, so you may know in the depths of your mind and from within your heart how and what particular are you really seeing your experience as.  And when I say I might also say you could easily put this pair of glasses on to curb your emotions, senses and other reactions you instinctively have.  There is no bad, wrong or incorrect pair of glasses, only the ones you have for only you have lived your in order to bring yourself to a point where you shift from one phase to another.  I would suggest if what you see you do not like or wish, try shifting perspective and the bases you are reacting to negatively.  If you experience fear, why am I see this.  If you experience anything, why and where is this reaction coming from.  Grow your awareness like a growing fire and allow it to burn away that which no longer suits your eyeglasses.  I would suggest things as simple as putting on the mute button, and playing something I groove to, see how this changes so many things.  Or if you wish, do not even engage in this artwork reflecting your inner most to you as if to walk away while someone is still speaking to you because this will only be a reflection of the respect you hold in truth for yourself.

Most of all whatever occurs there is no wrong only what simply is, forgive with grace and compassion yourself.  You have lived a magnificent life by any measure and measuring yours against another for it will never be what your life is.  Forgive yourself selfishly and demonstrate your recognition through compassion and grace by renewing your efforts top be here now the most amazing being you have always within known your self to be.

this visual exercise as way to see clearly what guides you along your path, to gain a deeper perspective, as another type of mirror to look in an see a picture no other mirror could show you, not just what your body looks like, but all that makes you, you feels and perceives like.

I have create this work in a unified consciousness grid using fractal and kaleidoscopic imaging techniques where I could pack unlimited viewer experiences into 1923 individual images being displayed at 12 images per second to create this visual exercise.  Audio is mainly my selection of what feels right to me at publishing.  I highly encourage you to play your own music or radio station. (I love just pick an artist or song a away she goes!)


Poleson ‘I AM’ Reflector Excercise – 22/7/2012 | 987 | INDIVIDUAL SOURCE FRAMES

There is 1,923 individual frames creating a 2 minutes 54 seconds of 1920×1080 HD h.264 video.
I also publish all 1,923 JPEG files for download, seeing each frame in stillness unfolds an entirely new perspective and hidden treasures.

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