I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and am closely following events that are taking on Earth.

SaLuSa of Sirius

SaLuSa of Sirius made an actual introduction visually through a new fractal sequence I was into a kaleidoscopic sequence.  On frame number one contact was made.  Greetings ensued, what a pleasure to know formally meet visually through my sense of sight after over a decade of guidance.  I must have needed the validation right now, seeing your minds eye on paper so accurately translated sure does the trick.  And of course I am ready to work with your assigned projects to be done with collaboration between the Galactic Federation and Earthlings.

Step one, become so dysfunctional as to eating nothing less than poison and calling it good nutrition and taking medication manufacture from oil.  To walk the dysfunctional path we have collectively agreed to be truth.

I took on some dense energies, but by having lived the of dysfunctional human,  I  one day quickly woke up to a whole bunch of new solid truth that now I could see clear as day, no, I am not insane, but what we consider to be acts of love are actually acts of fear.  We have engineered fear, failure and lack into almost all of our systems.  Well I am a fear released Earthling seeing more and creating more than I have ever dreamed possible.  I am a walking miracle already after just the release of fear from my heart, body and mind.  Given the literal hell I lived in for half my my ability to for go psychosis is a place for a large part of my that I believed would never change.

After a couple decades of real hard compassion, love and by gratitude and grace I experience life now in so much more fuller ways, I do still have my personality defects like having no grey area, only no thing or every thing – no balance in my views.  My own personal rigidity which only I am observing no longer serving me and my highest potential possibilities I have to experience.  So I am in, I am ready to receive my project assignment and meet up with my fellow project members.  BTW: This is my response, I am replying to your request – YES!

In JoY!


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