Darren Walker Gratitude Reflected

This piece is the gratitude for the many, many in depth e-mail received from Darren Walker.  Each of well over 30 e-mail contained links, referrals, videos all drawing together a higher degree and now influence on and within my work.  Each e-mail took hours, even days to fully digest and it’s impact on my visual work is still a work in progress.  I also enjoyed some validation on concepts and visionary experiences I have had being intermingled within the e-mails.  Again this work is a reflection in gratitude to Darren Walker for reaching out and sharing.  Thank You.  In Joy!


I actually this work back in June, I lost track of it in my organic filing system, fill my desktop up with files and folders (not named or in projects) then each month put it in a folder and name ‘File in Month’ so more than not I find incomplete work in the archives.  I did do the soundtrack this month all by myself.  Apologies for not having all my source files and settings included with this work.  This work is more about gratitude being reflected back to D.W.


Darren Walker Gratitude Reflected


There is 4,528 individual frames creating a 3 minutes 20 seconds of 1920×1080 HD h.264 video.
I also publish all 4,528 JPEG files for download, seeing each frame in stillness unfolds an entirely new perspective and hidden treasures.

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