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Nine Numbers of : SEVEN


4 May 2012

Teacher: Nine

At least Six pancakes between Five and Seven, for keeping on the Six weave all the gets to be exhausting. The best of Five is its pretty baubles, while the best of Seven is its awe-inspiring world of wonder. So let us not wait another moment…

Seven. Of all the weaves, Seven is the most gloriously wonder-filled. It is akin to fantastic bends of imagination, or dreams of pleasant yet unnatural visions. Seven acts as a renegade of real-life dreariness by bringing cathartic play near otherwise somber actualities, benefiting all. As necessary as doing footwork is, it’s also important to clasp your hands with another’s and dance. Necessary is joy, for it promotes real OM-filled, blissful, romantic creativity. Both itself and in combination with other weaves, Seven normally needs no dance partner. It is dance, and it never needs anything to make it better. It is the highest frequency of prime, the highest prime number of the numbers of creation. Having long been considered lucky, it is lucky, for compounds where and emotion converge. What is luck? more than energy, energy, energy based on belief and passion. Bands of thought energy coalesce where dances of passionate emotional energy focus. Jaded though you may consider yourselves to be, you still rely on the primitive method of creation through passion. Do you dance effectively without some element of passion, whether it’s of musical or sexual or crowd-induced origin? Not really, not with any life. The same is true for co-creating your reality. Graceful, spontaneous forms of reality are birthed into existence through the passionate dance of polar extremes.
Nothing with Seven is quite what it seems. Good luck isn’t just lucky. so far is limited on luck. Let us contribute to its expansion.

Seven plays. You may think, “Now how does our luck really become good?” Or you may think there’s no such thing as luck at all. There is, and there isn’t. Luck is an imaginary reality based on a cultural belief in both manipulating and being manipulated by natural-world circumstances. Luck only exists because you believe it does. If you believed you didn’t believe in luck, it would continue to exist based on the energy fed to it by a drugged mass of people overly willing to give anyone or anything their passion. As long as passion is focused in one direction, it is affecting that area of focus. It is precisely this process that rising stars to achieve success. It is also the process which any so-called government can to enslave masses of people. That, you are saying, is too apparently true to us now. And because it is apparent, it is available as a tool for masses of people to to create forms of reality which create better forms of social structure and lifestyle. In aiming one thread of love-powered thought close to known possible realities, better realities can be brought into existence. Radical new ideas as well as brash old ideas can develop or die by Seven’s action fueled by world beliefs and individual creativity. Luck has nothing to do with it. But passion has a lot.

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Luck and appearance are closely related, for in the lodestone of luck is the magnetic pull of appearance given purpose. World philosophical agreements border on one pole or another of a process leading to the formation of one reality or another. What nature manifests is based more on the operation of thought than on the regulation of an outside agency or luck. Growth of plants, balance of ecosystems cascade from the known. Processes of nature are really processes of the people who have observed for generation after generation all working in a balanced and sustainable way. Luck runs where emotional charge draws it. Reality forms around the particulate strands of thought woven and brought into conscious awareness by dramatic surges of energy issuing from the consciousnesses of the ones who believe with the most passion. Conscious awareness is a tricky thing, and binds one’s feet in the direction it allows to be fed, slavishly driving one to the fulfillment of belief, or bust. Nature has little say, actually, and only acts as directed by divine mind — which is precisely the problem with your quagmire of the present time. You have abdicated divine mind awareness in favor of entertainment. Knowledge of Earth-based how-to keeps sinking deeper and deeper into the mud of lost cosmic awareness, lost freedom of perception, lost range of reality-dreaming, -knowing and -making. You’ll be lucky to find a way out, create a new mental picture and activate it, but we will front five dollars on a bet you can do it. You only need to know how.

Psst, here’s how.

Say bringing a new reality into being, knowing and experiencing is your aim. Getting started is only a of believing it can be done. How luck helps is only a of faith in your own belief in divine order and benevolent cooperation of all that is, as directed by divine mind, which will become more apparent as love grows for yourself. So, you believe in a better world, then you believe in a divine order. Knowledge of making reality is not dependent upon a divine living entity or on an energy loving though coldly separate from the world you inhabit. Such notions are part of the problem you now face, but can easily be remedied. Reality is brought into being by your thought and the thought of others of like mind. Add to that emotional intensity, and you are in business. However, as luck would have it, not all realities are beneficial to the continuation of benevolent co-creation. You are free to alter your reality at any time, and many do. However, many simply swap one crippled reality for another. How to arrive at one that benefits all and doesn’t bother any is as simple as one, two, three… all the way to nine.

Knowledge is part of the benevolent reality-making package. For simplicity, that component is neatly arranged in the nine strands of numbers of creation. These are not at one part creative and at another contradictory to creation. All are creative, and all are of OM. This is true long before belief enters into the mix to nudge things around. Belief is a function of creation as much as it is a creative force itself. In this apparent paradox lies the fundamental impetus to create in the weave of Seven. Belief is creative as well as created. In that apparent paradox lies the seed of understanding of the divine within the one who creates as well as the one who is created. Divinity cannot be separated from that which is divinely inspired or divinely created any more than a drop of water can be separated from known or imagined tea. You can remove water from tea, but at that point it ceases to be tea and becomes something else. It is not the form of tea any longer but has the potential to be tea again. Known tea is far different than potential tea, yet the creation of one is naturally dependent on the existence of the other. So it is with anything.

Seven is the creative number of potential. It is the avenue by which reality and etheric nature meet and build a house, or anything. Belief is the car which drives on that avenue, and your own life is the house. Belief in detours, roadblocks or stop signs are creations of Seven as well, and are often seeded by your soul, which has the entire road map. Seven can lead to where you’ve never gone or even imagined, or where you’ve always wanted to go but never believed you could. Seven is able to create any reality, any sort of real or imagined avenue to anywhere you believe in and desire. And Seven creates more than you can possibly begin to imagine, dream or conceptualize. But all you do dream is available, growing in Seven’s fertile nature.

Bad luck, too, is a function of Seven. Whatever you dream includes your nightmares, too. Love takes many forms in its quest to experience all, even spectres of direst aspect. You create them as you wish, even if you wish not to but energize the thought of not wanting to. Changing Seven’s direction is as easy as turning the wheel of a car, all the more so if you remember to use your turn signal and slow down. Change your central belief and the whole landscape alters to suit your changed viewpoint. All you have to do is see the road entry and decide to take a turn for the better. Luck, if you believe in it or not, will follow.

Seven brings reality into view. It adds an element of dancing, moving, bordering-on-ecstatic energy into play in the natural world. How the natural world behaves irregardless of Seven’s dream-weaving is a function of Eight.

(Eight to come…)

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