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Nine Numbers of : ONE (Pleiadian Renegades)

12 April 2012

Teacher: Nine

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Nine Lots of .

One. As energy became a root of beingness, each strand of conscious particles its own range of how to act. Conscious families of particles aggregate around a of thought and play navigational games with each other, answering the questions rationally asked in the creation of new worlds. Each creation, in fact, creates continuously, new questions arising and new answers actualizing without end. One, as an aggregate of answers, corresponds to the number of singularity. All appears to be an arrangement of tangents around a single point, but it far surpasses that nodal idea.

Day may rays shine and you perceive on a regular basis. Somewhere on the planet it is day while you experience , so the apparent duality of and day justifies nothing. Day is perception based on having bad outposts for seeing the day-source on a sphere. Call it outposts, but know it is only a function of relative size and perceptive illusion. The day shines on and on, you see, making shadows lost as soon as they are found. Your reality, as you perceive it, is nothing more than shadows, and the daylight of One shines behind them all. You can see day all the time from the right angle, and you can likewise perceive One from the right angle of your own thought — a task done best through the solitary nature of contemplation on OM. But OM as the pale sun and OM as the former of Amon-Ra only cripples your ability to daylight or OM understand. Realize OM, too, is One, as the sound of the source of One — day, otherwise, as vibration rather than rays of photonic energy. OM is manifest in all sound and all vibratory energy. Shadows of sound-source underlie all the music you hear, all the words you say, just as shadows of light-source project a holographical reality perceivable by your senses.

has One as its base of operations in your real-world day-to-day beingness. The nature of knows an awful lot about OM — more and more as the individual’s experience aligns with the individual’s understanding of . Molecules of holographically coherent — otherwise known as matter — also contain as their core of existence codified One-ness. One at that level slows to a particulate form, which you are only raising to a conscious understanding by your willingness to understand love. You realize the inner One and the creating One are the same One, and that One is OM.

Love as knowledge of OM acts as a language photon, reading your thoughts and only understanding your personality. It reflects back to your core personality routes of consciousness and only your translates that reflection back to your source. Your personality only acts as a reflector of love. It does not generate its own love but responds to the presence of it. The generator of love is One.

You are One in OM, and One goes near your sample of divinity by not naming itself operationally anything other than OM. By not calling itself God or arming itself with a dogmatic arsenal of vibration, it slips by undetected and gathers the information it needs to transmit to source, thereby fine-tuning its harmonic structure and raising your beingness in frequency as well.

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