Opps sometime the iddy bitty shitty committee shows up, at least it is released!

OK Mr. Nice Guy isn’t delivering the message so it can carry beyond a basic thought. Enter Mr. Maybe Sometimes a Bit To In Your Face Honest will achieve a more desirable level of thought beyond continuing assuming you know it all because you can operate a remote control or are an avid viewer of for profit television profiteering through polarizing and making each American in a make believe war against each other and forging our destruction by misrepresenting global events to en site and increase fear for the sole purpose of generating ad revenue and becoming a respected what? I guess we missed or just do not listen to the crap that just about every CEO spews from their lips all long since 2001. Yes 9-11 happened and in one fail swoop every business collectively group freaked out, just like every American was shook to their core. I do believe most of the non American sphere mostly saw it coming, but still I lived in Boston then, I remember being in a core team meeting with our VP of Operation, and simultaneously every cell started vibrating, ignored but they repeated and then someone called the office and the market assistant said a plane hit the WTC, we at Kinko’s had a Branch in the WTC. What check the internet, guess what completely down access to no where, not even a DNS server. Then over another plane, the Pentagon, they are evacuating downtown Boston, everyone go home. I lived in the city and remember being the only car driving into Boston, got off at the South End went to my BFF’s house for about a hour then Rhonda the Xerox Equipment Sales Rep who I had become good friends with called and I went to her house for the rest the . We were in shock and tried to Levi the real impact to all things. We never saw every corp in America basically gut their most important and valuable assets as a means to manage an illusion drop in income, which actually started after they exploited the focus 9-11 caused to how they operated as an excuse to destroy who and what made American Business Awesome. The cut training departments, shopped vs. based on who gave the best tax deal even when unseen profits had been being generated for years. Illumination of business engaging programs like profit sharing and bonuses. Reduction of basic pay rates through assigning multiple titles with little correlation to actual performance. Sacrificing even their own founding visions. And each and every American allowing themselves and what we create to be devalued in the name of maintaining unrealistic profit margins. I am sorry when I see a CEO in the same sentence say that yes for the last 4 quarters the have returned a 1.45 profit per share which is honest and fair being in the gambling industry where stealing peoples money and calling it entertainment or house advantage is saying they can’t possibly hire or expand because of currant tax policy. Really I am not insane but you want us to but you in a high chair change your diapers and pay you for it. And just where exactly to you credit with giving you such undying success in the first place, hmm no need to contribute and ensure that what you where given to create in now somehow will sustain it’s success without your fair contribution, and the acceptable practice of influencing advantage through shear spending power is scene as responsible business dedicate. Yeah so happy I do not have an MBA delusion. Who is destroying everything America spear headed in our world us and or business philosophy of capitalism, which by the way was an experiment to begin with guess we love repeating 1929 over and over and calling it something other than what it is something an idea we all held and loved and believed in until one we where like whoa this crap is destroying us it really is. Action needs to start now from each and every person in each and every country. We need to challenge ourselves every single to see each others right views AS RIGHT. That is the RIGHTS each HUMAN IS BORN WITH. We only accept common laws as agreements out of impermeability and shear passage of between each we allow our rights to be taken away out of manipulated fear over a Minnelli. Fortunately we exist with a universe with a set of laws, the first being the of one. I invite you to research and expand and even define how this through your unique life expression factors in. As an idea, no impact, as an indefinable truth and basic function of agreements to maintain the health of all things, major. No thing can happen without full agreement to or co-create any thing here, only our awareness and flat out rejection of what you agreed to do mainly due to judgement based in fear, lack perspiration, etc. Unity has consequences, translate that one too. Ok RANT terminated.


Below are the individual source frames for ‘1969 Reboot Into ‘ an animated visualization. There is 4,670 individual frames creating a 3 minutes animated translation.

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