This was inspired by much shared with me via email by Darren Walker. It was of to through and process, so much and unity expressed for taking charge and sharing key which both validate and expanded my work. This animation is for you Darren as my reflection of what I am working on translating through in my integrating with the knowledge you highlighted and shared. =}

And additional gratitude to Alison McLean in unifying our visions and anchoring the patterns in our grid from NZ and I anchor now here in SW USA!

FYI NOTE: Entangle when the denser liquid light stuff comes into tour vision, this thicker light hold vastly more amounts of information you’ve been asking so go ahead and entangle with and in joy having your every question answered experimentally.

Quantum Entanglement is quite easy, when your awareness perceives these globules of golden shiny light using your mind open your thoughts feelings and body to receive, let this information transfer of light know that yes you are ready to entangle. with your mind with focus on your third eye or minds eye area perceive the light packets and say ok I know allow you in, allow your mind to expand in space and conception, as the flood of knew information pops into mind you will know when you are full, the key here is learning the basic pathway of entangling with another aspect so you may download or transfer information into your incarnation right here now.

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The information above, Dated May 17, 2012 is critical to those looking for answers outside the box.
There is also a Bill Donovan lecture on Accessing the Vacuum at the link above, or here:
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D2USD – Visual Source Frames

are the individual source frames for ‘D2USD‘ an animated kaleidoscopic fractal visualization. There is 4,717 individual frames creating a 3 minutes 16 second animated translation.

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Apophysis 7X.15 – http://apophysis.xyrus-worx.org/
Apophymator 10x – http://morphapoph.deviantart.com/art/Apophymator-10x-178384717
VirtualDub 1.9.11 – http://www.virtualdub.org/
VirtualDub Filter Pack 2011 – http://codecpack.co/download/VirtualDub-Filter-Pack.html
H.264 Encoder – http://h264encoder.com/

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