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Hello Dearest Ones,
My name is Tymalen, I am of the High Council of Orion: Orion Syndicate – Ambassador to Extraterrestrial Societies initializing first contact with the Galactic Federations of Light, the Great White Brotherhood, Star Nations, the Gatekeepers and Watchers of & Omega, and the Quark Alliance.
We are now making an open call to all Human Earthlings of the Planetary Liberation Organizations and individual ground crew Humans Earthlings, YES, you are now are very much a Human Earthling.  You have fully answered the call and fulfilled your missions goals of coming to planet earth, completely taking on your younique of dysfunctional patterns, earned the right to be a fully conscious Human Earthling, and now as a Human Earthling the transmutation phase is in full swing.  Transmute, Transmute, Transmute!  Your previous in creation is of vital use now, but bears little fruit if you are not being here fully now (as a Human Earthling) and actively being of service given your particular mission objectives.  An activation for transmutation of all dysfunctional fear patterns made into that just is by the Human Earthlings in order to fully , know and love all aspects of fear, knowing love is now in effect.
The for activation into more mobilized and focused unity anchor points is here, we have transmitted this animated artwork of direct communication so you may meet us in person in the most direct way possible whilst our vibratory states still manifest us in separate realities physically.  But now you have the opportunity to finally get us out of your multimind into a more separate sit down chat so to speak.  We will be transmitting more visual communication now, as the limitation of words alone can no longer fully transmit and communicate the depth and knowing we hold in truth and wish to share in your expanding levels of and light you may comprehend.
We will communicate within each of you directly how you may best be of service given your younique set of opportunities and potential possibilities.  Together in unity, love, light and truth that is we will cocreate in perfection the full activation of the unity grid laid in place now through each and every Human Earthling heart and all aspects encompassing the Earth Systems.  Peace, love and joy to pursue everlasting true happiness is now a reality.  Understanding, and full comprehension of the new parameters in your reality are now how all of our promises in love will be kept.  Development of tools, visual artwork, movies, etc. expressing and creating an experience which will more actively aid all Human Earthlings to develop and more fully know concepts such as unity, multidimensional existance, law of one, love and the likes are now needed in your expanding consciousness levels.  We might say everything is now shifting into high gear!
Injoy within your Heart.
Ambassador to ET Systems
Orion Syndicate of The High Council of Orion
Remember to process all through your heart – listen, feel and love your part.


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