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United We Stand!

Divided we fall!

~ Truth




The way, is the way, is the way



In honer to Steve Jobs, observing his life’s mission of transforming our world through humanized technology:   I filled with eternal , love and harmonious frequencies of galactic light knowledge he has left behind to show us the way back to a reality and world more in alignment with the love we are made of and mastering the illusions we choose to get lost in, so we stop getting lost for so long.  Many Thanks and Namaste!

I was born in 1974, just in time for the dawn of the information age,  I have been programing computers my entire life.  I remember when I was young having to enter lines of code, endlessly, on a green lit screen, creating programs to perform simple tasks and doing my best to create visual images in a not so user friendly space.

I grew up in Rawlins WY until I was 9 years old.  A simple town, definitely in a rural area, not exactly a place where you would expect to find the latest in computer technology.  I remember the first computer I ever used, it was a Radio Shack Kit computer, it had 12 KB of memory, just enough to enter a couple lines of code.  I create my first program, making the computer display a simple line of text::  Print This.  Then I could program it to ask a yes/no question, and depending on your answer it would display one of two answers.

Are you having a good day?
YES: Awesome!
NO: I’m Sorry

The game was off, I was enthralled, I was hooked.  My Mom’s Boyfriend bought a Commodore 64, even though the computer was his, you know I took it over, it had 64 KB of memory, and 8-bit color.  Plus it was loaded with BASIC, I immediately honed in on learning and mastering BASIC.  We had a subscription to a Computer Magazine and in the back they would always include BASIC programing code you could type in yourself and create games, images and even music.  I fully reverse engineered each program as I entered it, learning what code does what, then fully creating my own visual imagery set to some computer music.  This was from 1982-1987.  I was most certainly a dedicated computer nerd.

Then in the summer of 1984 family dynamics created the opportunity for me to go live with my Father, and he lived in Seattle WA.  I had only been to a big city once, that was Denver CO, I remember seeing my first sky scrapers and just staring at how much they looked like card board cut-outs against the rock mountains.  The city was fast, and somewhat scary to experience for the first time (Remember I had grown up in Rawlins WY, actually Fort Steele WY – 12 trailers and a gas station 45 miles away from Rawlins) Going from one AM and one FM radio station and one channel on TV, the city was also exciting, they had like 7 radio stations and the TV at the hotel had 16 channels.  I new someday, some how I would eventually move to a big city.

I remember when my Dad picked me up at the airport, how truly ignorant I was.  When we got in the car my Dad asked me what kind of music I wanted to hear on the radio.  I immediately proclaimed:  Aw, Aw – put it on AM.  My dad looked at me strangely and said: Why do you want to listen to AM.  I said: Because, AM is for good music and FM is for country.  He laughed so hard, it actually took me about a month to clue into the fact that FM was actually better than AM, and yes there was more than one station to listen to cool music on.  Really it was a mind blowing exercise about truths in life, that in just a 4 hour plane ride what I had always believed to be the truth about AM and FM radio, was just blown out of the water.

I realized then just like I do now that a truth about life is their truly are no rock solid truths.  That even when my experience has only revealed a certain about the truths I hold to be true, at any given moment, with just the smallest of efforts to change my or to learn a new way, that everything could change in an instant, just like that, right before my very eyes.  Moving from Rawlins WY to Seattle WA definitely changed my , and the potential possibilities of what lived ahead, what was there for me to discover, and grow only drove me to firmly hold an open mind, fearlessly explore, passionately learned new ideas and knowledge and never stop evolving into the next best thing I could hold.

I started school in Seattle, and you know what, they had a classroom full of Commodore 64’s even a 128.  In school I learned LOGO, a programming language which used a turtle (cursor) to connect lines between points on the screen and you could create some really cool geometric patterns or simple images by programming a string of commands.  I would make these very complicated, and long strings so you could hit enter and sit back and watch it draw out different scenes, to me it was like magic, I took an immediate liking to generating images on the computer.  My Dad didn’t have a computer at home, so I joined the computer club and the Teacher would let me check out a Commodore on long weekends to take home and work on programming new and fairly unique visualizations set to music.

Gaia Brand L468x60 v1

My master work on the Commodore was a program that would give you a selection of 10 different songs and when you made your choice it would begin playing, and I created all kinds of visual affect on the screen to match the music.  Basically it was a 8-Bit Music Juke Box with totally awesome screen graphics to keep your eyes entertained while listening to the music.  Hmm, happy memories.

I did this for several years by now it was 1988.  I had briefly used my Uncles Macintosh 128 in 1984 and then a Mac 512 in 1986, but I really didn’t get it at first.  The folders and the Mouse, clicking for some reason the concept behind the Macintosh graphic interface alluded me for a while,  I was so use to typing out lines of code to create anything on a computer that it seemed backwards to me.  So needless to say I wasn’t very fond or overtly attracted to the Mac’s for several years.

My Dad and Step-mom had been creating their Commercial & Residential Paint Contracting business ever since I started living with my Dad.  By 1989 things where going well and they decided to invest in a business computer.  The Macintosh SE/30 had just come out, and on my Uncles recommendation (He was the VP of Macintosh Purchasing at Egghead ) they picked one up.  I helped my Mom set it up, and I started teaching myself FileMaker to automate my parents business paperwork, from bids & contracts, to customer database to keep all the appointments and sales calls organized.

I started to warm up to the Mac slowly but surely as I changed my perspective and began to fully realize the power this little square box had.  I went to town,  database craziness, my Mom and Dad wanted better record keeping, I delivered a completely automated system where customer information was entered once, a bid sheet was printed with all the customer info and directions to the bid, once the bid was entered it would auto calculate based off of standard products being used.  It would print the bid and envelope, and it tracked and reminded when followup was due, once a bid converted to a contract, 1 step, print and contract was ready to be signed, of course it tracked and reminded at each key step in the process.

Full office automation was achieved.  Needless to say, my parents where very happy with the database system, even to the point that they still keep an older Power Mac around just to run the database, so in 2011 they are just as pleased with the systems performance as they where in 1989.

Then my Uncle became the best Uncle on Earth!  He would go to all kinds of conferences and meetings exploring the hottest software and hardware accessories to add to the Egghead product offerings.  Needless to say, every couple of weeks a new software or gizmo would magically arrive on the front porch of our house, and being an awesome Uncle he would promptly pass it over to me and he would say, break it for me.

I remember one of the first scanners available was a handheld scanner that you could scan in maybe 5 inches wide by how ever long you could manage to roll the scanner down the table.  I remember almost at the same time Photoshop Beta 1 came out, a new software for manipulating graphics, along with Freehand for creating computer generated vector art.  I also was introduced to PageMaker which was for doing page layout and combining your words nicely with your graphic objects.

I was hooked, and hooked deep!  I taught myself the software using the manuals and trial and error mostly, and in no time I was that kid turning in the fancy report, with a picture on the cover, and images inline with the actual report.  And I even quickly found out, that you could write a really crappy report, but because it had pictures on it, and it was all typed out, that you could literately wright crap, and still get an A.

And so this is the story of my early years in computing, and without Steve Job’s ideas in humanizing the computer experience so all of society would have equal access and thereby limitless potential possibilities and opportunity gained when technology integrates seamlessly, and is so intuitive and functional that even a person with no computer skills can fully utilize a computer by just hitting the on switch, after that the screen lights up and the software and device itself guide you through endless possibilities, at the touch of a button.  No classes, books or lessons required, just pick it up and start using it.

This is what Steve Jobs has so eloquently held as his vision for all to see, and has truly delivered the software, technology and ideas boldly showing the way at every turn.  Again I hold deep gratitude, love and light within my heart for Steve Jobs and the contributions he has made in my life experience.  And most of all for being a matriculates way-shower and vision holder, in always anchoring a new era for humanity through dedication, harmony, balance, design, functionality, spirituality, and yes even death.  He has shown us the way, and I know his departure into light could only have occurred if he truly felt he was complete and whole and his work here was done.  He changed our world, and now he will be directing more change from his elevated existence now that is Earthly mission is complete.

Love you Brother and Thank you.

The way has been clearly shown, now we just must continue to walk the path and never forget to hail our visions.

This morning I woke up and I had an immense visionary drive to create these animated matrix’s, I created 21 animations today, and when I finished rendering the last one, I turned on the TV and heard the news.  Emotion flooded me and I can only dedicate these 21 animations in memory of Steve Jobs, for without his way showing, I would have never had the experiences or the technology to create the visual artwork I create today.  Again, in gratitude and love to you Steve!

UNITY MATRIX 34.7, ANCOR 11-:-12-:-21, BLUE RAY -:- 133, CRYSTALLINE MX 121, DELORIN, DEMULA, DYSTARE, KLOWNEY, MORLAI, MULTI-D IMPLEMENTATION, RISEN, UNITY 346, UNISOIN, UNITY-:-11-:-12-:-, UNITY 497, UNITY 111.2, UNITY 726, UNITY 777, UNITY 817, UNITY 988 and DYSTORTEN by Seth A Dennon is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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